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Minerva CQ Turns up the Dial on Text Analytics with Integration to Luminoso’s Daylight™

Sunnyvale, CA, July 20, 2023 – Minerva CQ and Luminoso Technologies, Inc. today announced the availability of Luminoso’s AI-driven text analytics solution, Daylight™, on Minerva CQ’s real-time agent assist platform. Minerva CQ customers now have the option of using Daylight to analyze thousands of hours of unstructured text from call and chat transcripts, in minutes, to glean insights into root cause, trending, business intelligence, and voice of the customer (VOC) and voice of the employee (VOE) to improve both customer and agent experiences. Leading brands such as Hilton Worldwide, Amway, and Denso use Luminoso’s Daylight™. 


Minerva CQ customers can access the Daylight™ tool and dashboard, seamlessly, through Minerva CQ’s administrator portal. These insights complement Minerva CQ’s real-time sentiment analysis and comprehensive auto summarization capabilities (call drivers, passive CSAT/NPS score, and key decisions) to provide a unique lens into the customer-agent conversation. As a bonus through Luminoso’s Daylight™, Minerva CQ customers can also analyze other data sources like CSAT survey open ends, agent notes, product reviews, and social channels.


“The integration between Minerva CQ’s agent assist platform and Luminoso Daylight brings an end-to-end solution that empowers the customer service workforce to be smarter, faster, and more informed through real-time guidance and detailed post interaction analysis. Our customers can leverage new insights to continuously iterate and improve customer and agent experiences for service and sales,” said Cosimo Spera, co-founder and CEO of Minerva CQ.


“Minerva CQ is transforming how enterprises across healthcare, energy, eMobility and communications interact with and support their customers through speech AI,” said Mark Zides, CEO at Luminoso. “Luminoso is delivering significant business value to its enterprise customers and, now with the Minerva CQ integration partnership, we are beginning to do this at scale across other parts of the enterprise like customer service and support, quality assurance, and product planning.”


About Minerva CQ

Minerva CQ, the leader in real-time collaborative intelligence for the enterprise, is an AI platform that enables today’s workforce to effortlessly blend with AI during voice and digital conversations to improve agent and customer experiences. In the contact center the Minerva CQ platform provides real-time agent guidance, automated QA and training suggestions, and business intelligence. In the broader enterprise Minerva CQ augments agents supporting field technicians with knowledge surfacing so they can tackle complex issues, repairs, and logistics.


About Luminoso Technologies, Inc.

Luminoso – is a global leader in Natural Language Understanding, born out of the prestigious MIT Media Lab. Our cloud-based platform for text analytics revolutionizes the way organizations uncover insights from unstructured data. With support for 15 languages, Luminoso preserves the nuance of stories as communicated by customers, employees, and industry voices. Powered by advanced machine learning and our Digestive AI engine, our platform goes beyond surface-level understanding. It uncovers hidden patterns, sentiments, and biases, empowering organizations to make data-driven decisions with confidence. Trusted by Fortune 5000 companies, we nurture human connections that drive critical business strategies. Discover the power of Luminoso and unlock the potential within your textual data. Visit for more information.


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