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Minerva CQ is designed for rapid deployment. Our API-first architecture provides for quick integration with your CRM, knowledge base, desktop, and your voice, chat, and messaging channels.

Use Minerva to create a single lens that ties all of that together and presents an intuitive dashboard that displays customer intent and omnichannel journey insights.


Minerva coaches your agents, in real time, in voice, chat, or messaging with dialogue suggestions, behavioral cues, and knowledge surfacing (articles, videos, forms, etc) to drive the customer conversation forward with the most efficient and effective resolution.


Minerva automates quality assurance (QA), monitors compliance, and provides recommendations for agent training.

To do this Minerva detects agent knowledge gaps, compliance, and the level of complexity in an interaction. It then surfaces up relevant training.


Minerva ensures team leads and supervisors have real-time insights into agent interactions and key metrics across all channels for timely support and intervention.

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