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Nail every customer  interaction with ease 

Customer support is more complex than ever before in eMobility, as the industry grows and competition intensifies. Every customer touchpoint is a brand moment that can make or break customer loyalty. Turn experience into a competitive advantage with collaborative intelligence.

Customer experience needs scale and improve

...fix it by combining human intuition with machine intelligence 

Enable better customer and technician experiences, reduce costs, and simplify processes by making experiences more personalized, frictionless, confident, and insightful across channels. 

Minerva CQ is a collaborative intelligence platform that enables agents at eMobility companies leverage AI in real-time during conversations in voice and digital channels to help c
ustomers troubleshoot, resolve billing issues, navigate mobile apps, and even support technicians with installations. 

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Frictionless engagement

Disparate systems merge into a single view for agents

Personalized interactions

REAL-TIME dialogue suggestions, behavioral cues, knowledge surfacing

Confident workforce

Best workflow automatically surfaces to resolve customer's issue 

Insightful data

REAL-TIME transcripts, instant call summary, monitoring, and analytics

Frictionless engagement

Relevant data (product, billing, CRM, fulfillment, knowledgebase, charging, etc) is automatically pulled, in real-time, from disparate systems and populates the agent's screen during the conversation. 

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Personalized interactions

Minerva CQ coaches agents by surfacing up contextual customer information before the interaction and further guiding them with real-time dialogue suggestions, behavioral cues, and knowledge surfacing (troubleshooting,  recommendations, assistance offers, etc.) 

Confident workforce

Agents use dynamic journey guides, AI-workflows, that constantly adapt to customer utterances and sentiment throughout the conversation to resolve customer issues faster and with more confidence.  


Insightful data

Every call is transcribed in real-time providing for instant insights, sentiment detection, and compliance. These transcripts (call and chat) can be further leveraged with business intelligence tools for deeper analytics. Instant call or chat summaries are made available to the representative and supervisor immediately after the interaction. 

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Better experiences for your agents and customers

During the call

Contextual data and sentiment detection make agents aware 

AI surfaces a personalized offer for the customer  

Data is pulled automatically from different systems via natural language

Real-time call transcription and analytics:

  • gauges sentiment for both customer and agent

  • improves compliance and agent training

  • captures true voice of the customer insights 

After the call

Instant call and chat summary appear immediately after the interaction:

  • passive NPS and CSAT captured for all interactions

  • sentiment progression of the conversation displayed

  • activity and decisions made during the interaction are listed  

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