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Collaborate with AI in every conversation

drive the customer interaction forward

with the most effective and efficient resolution

...with AI-driven generative workflows that 

adapt in real-time throughout the conversation

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“I don't need to see several browser windows & tabs with different sets of information ...most of it is presented to me on the Minerva screen in an organized manner. The ability to make customer flows makes it very intuitive and easier to do my job!"”

-Senior customer support specialist at global eMobility company

How Minerva CQ works

We analyzed hundreds of millions of customer-agent interactions and designed an experience around the conversation.

We then created a state of the art AI that tag teams with agents in real-time. 

Before the conversation

Insights and omnichannel data are pulled, and parsed in real-time from multiple data sources. 


Context is surfaced to the agent so the interaction is personalized and faster. 

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During the conversation

The optimal workflow is surfaced to resolve the customer's issue. As the conversation progresses the workflow adapts in real-time to what's being said.  

The interaction is further enhanced with real-time dialogue suggestions, behavioral cues, and knowledge surfacing.​

After the conversation

Auto summarization, passive NPS and CSAT, and key actions are provided to agent and supervisor and injected into enterprise systems and machine learning.

Training opportunities are identified.

In the contact center
  • Improve the customer experience

  • Elevate the agent experience

  • Reduce handle times and costs

  • Increase revenue via upsell/cross-sell 

  • Decrease agent onboarding timeframes

  • Optimize agent knowledge and training

...make every agent a
customer service hero

Empower every service technician with knowledge

  • Improve real-time knowledge access and guidance

  • Elevate the employee experience

  • Reduce resolution time

  • Decrease employee onboarding timeframes

  • Optimize enterprise knowledge and training the field 

Get started now

Minerva CQ offers proof of concept and production release programs to prove the potential of a deployment. These programs are lightweight and require minimal resources from you. To get started all we need are call recordings and call detail records (CDR) to train the models.

The only interaction from you is to make stakeholders available to review the results - we’ll do all the rest.

Trusted by global brands 

Proof of concept

Under an NDA or Data Protection Agreement, you provide Minerva with call recordings and CDR. We will take actual calls and chats, process them on our platform and train our models. You’ll receive an analysis on opportunities for improvement in CSAT, FCR, and NPS as well as upsell and cross sell uplift potential, plus a working proof of concept.

Production release

With models trained during the proof of concept - all we’ll need is a simple integration to your IVR, CTI, and CRM to make our Agent Assist console available to a select group of agents. In the pilot we’ll prove enhancements to the KPIs identified in the proof of concept along with supporting data for a business case including ROI.  

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