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We make it easy for people to combine with AI to perform better at their jobs.

About us

Minerva CQ was founded in early 2021 with the belief that collaborative intelligence (CQ), also known as collaborative AI, will redefine work. CQ is the notion that combining human intelligence and artificial intelligence will yield far better outcomes than what either could achieve alone. 


In the workplace this translates to employees tag teaming with AI during conversations so they can resolve complex issues, improve customer experiences, and focus on more meaningful work. But the industry faces challenges.

We believe there is too much black box AI and architectural limitations that prevent an organization to be truly successful with collaborative AI. So we started with a blank slate, reimagined and built a new real-time conversational user experience, adaptive workflows, an API-first architecture, and a unique model-as-a-service paradigm that enables contact center and field services organizations to successfully deploy and scale collaborative AI in a secure environment.  

Today we provide collaborative AI technology (sometimes referred to as real-time conversation intelligence) for contact center and field services teams in the eMobility, energy, healthcare, and telecommunications industries.  


Meet the team


Cosimo Spera

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Founder & Technology


Scott Kim

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Jack Garrett

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Araceli Carmona

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Tyler headshot_edited.jpg

Tyler Westerhoff

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Customer Success


Daniele Spera

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Charlie Read


Erik profile photo_edited_edited.png

Erik Berger

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Bill Anderson

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DW headshot_edited_edited.png

Dorothy Juan


Don Miller headshot_edited.jpg

Don Miller

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Rod McLane

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Build the future of work with us

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Our advisory board

Hal Varian_edited_edited_edited.png

Hal Varian

Chief Economist at Google

Founding Dean at School of Information and Technology at UC Berkeley


Scott McNealy

Co-founder & CEO, Sun Microsystems

Co-founder & CEO, Wayin

Co-founder & Board Member, Curriki

Harvard University


Blake Morgan

Customer Experience Futurist

Best-selling Author - The Customer of the Future and More is More

Keynote Speaker

Daniel-Hong (1)_edited_edited.jpg

Daniel Hong

Marketing executive

at Teleperformance Group

Previously at Forrester,

[24], Omdia

Zvi Galil_edited_edited_edited.png

Zvi Galil, PhD +

President of Tel Aviv University '07 - '09

Dean of Georgia Institute of Technology of Computing '10 - '19

Coined stringology and sparsification

Jean Marie_edited_edited.png

Juliette-Marie Sommerset

CEO and Managing Partner at Somerset Capital

Mentor at Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center 

Marco Annunciata_edited_edited.png

Marco Annunziata, PhD

Chief Economist at GE

Professor at Singapore Management University

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