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Minerva CQ First to Deploy NVIDIA Riva Enterprise in the Energy Sector

SUNNYVALE, CA, June 28, 2022 – The recent deployment of Minerva CQ technology at a leading global electric mobility company, marks the first enterprise implementation of NVIDIA Riva – a GPU-accelerated SDK for speech AI applications – in the energy space. The electric mobility company boasts an extensive portfolio of EV charging products for consumers and businesses. To support its growing customer base the electric mobility company leverages the Minerva CQ platform, which uses Riva for automatic speech recognition (ASR) alongside Minerva CQ’s natural language and intent models. This powerful combination augments the company’s customer service agents with AI that assists them in real time during customer phone conversations.


How it works. As a customer describes their issue at the beginning of a call, the Minerva CQ platform listens in and dynamically populates the agent’s screen with the right information and workflow for resolution. As the conversation continues, dialogue suggestions, behavioral cues, offers, sentiment analysis, and knowledge surfacing further guide the agent in assisting the customer to a successful outcome.


“We couldn’t be more thrilled to have the distinction of being the first AI platform using NVIDIA Riva in the most disruptive industry today – energy,” said Cosimo Spera, co-founder and CEO of Minerva CQ. “Using NVIDIA Riva to process the automatic speech recognition (ASR) on the Minerva CQ platform has been great. Performance benchmarks are superb, and the SDK is easy to use and highly customizable to our needs. NVIDIA conversational AI technology has helped us elevate agent support at our electric mobility client to deliver awesome customer experiences.”  

“Riva Enterprise is transforming how enterprises interact with and support their customers through speech AI,” said Hemant Dhulla, general manager of Conversational AI at NVIDIA. “Riva Enterprise is customizable at every stage of the pipeline to meet the needs of enterprises, enabling them to easily deliver unique customer experiences while reducing operational costs.”

About Minerva CQ

Minerva CQ is an AI platform that enables today’s workforce to effortlessly blend with AI during voice and digital conversations to improve agent and customer experiences. In the contact center the Minerva CQ platform provides real-time agent guidance, dynamic workflows, automated QA and training suggestions, and business intelligence. In the broader enterprise Minerva CQ augments agents supporting field technicians with knowledge surfacing so they can tackle complex issues, repairs, and logistics.

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