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Upcoming Events

Webinar:  Top 5 Customer Experience Trends to Watch in 2024

Get ready for 2024 by digging into the latest CX trends with customer experience futurist Blake Morgan and Minerva CQ's Daniel Hong!


Blake and Daniel will walk through what's hot when it comes to CX and how to prepare your customer experience team to make the most of these trends for the coming year.  Everything from how to really take advantage of AI to the intersection of the physical and digital experiences will be covered, so don't miss out!


Tuesday January 16th, 2024

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM PST

Online Event

Past Events

Screen Shot 2023-01-31 at 11.41.48 PM.png

Conference:  Making Sense of Conversational AI:  Lessons Learned from Real-World Experience

Join Minerva CQ's CMO, Daniel Hong at Opus Research's Conversational Cloud Conference on November 10th as he talks lessons learned in conversational AI with Brett Knight from Lowe's on a panel moderated by Principal Analyst at Opus Research Dan Miller.


Webinar:  Personalizing Customer Experiences in Energy with Real-Time AI

In this webinar, hosted by NVIDIA. you will learn how to:

  • Support customer service reps with AI to drive better customer experiences, reduce burnout, and manage workloads efficiently

  • Create a successful crawl, walk, run strategy for real-time AI to improve first contact resolution and decrease average handling times

  • Draw on the experience of a leading electric mobility company using AI to improve FCR, AHT, and onboarding

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