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Agents using the Minerva platform for six weeks were performing at the level of an agent of six years!

Endesa improves AHT, reduces costs, and drives better and more consistent CX


Endesa is a Spanish multinational electric utility company, the largest in the country. The firm, a majority-owned subsidiary of the Italian utility company Enel, has 10 million customers in Spain.

Endesa’s contact center costs are high and the company needed to reduce costs, improve agent attrition, and drive more consistency across its three geographically dispersed different contact center sites.


"Minerva CQ was chosen to help reduce the learning curve for new agents, make agents more confident, drive customer experience consistency and define service processes based on customer profile,” said an exec at Endesa.


Here's how it works.


  • Before the call, Minerva CQ surfaces the customer’s information to personalize the interaction and avoid timely manual searching. 

  • During the call, the most probable workflows, based on AI-powered intent detection, surface to the CSRs during the customer conversation. As the conversation progresses Minerva provides relevant data such as billing and account information from various systems of record, dialogue suggestions, behavioral cues, and knowledge surfacing.


  • After the call, instant auto summary with AI-generated NPS and CSAT score is provided, along with sentiment progression, call drivers, and key decisions made. Supervisors and QA leaders also review post call summaries.


At 60 days, Endesa was able to achieve a -20% decrease in average handle time (AHT) in one of its sites and improve CSAT +5% to 87%. The company was also able to collapse 17 Salesforce screens into one screen-- further driving efficiencies and enhancing workflows and customer-agent interactions.

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